Aydin Turkish Mohair Rug

$620.00 $900.00


✓ Handcrafted

✓ One of a kind

✓ Vintage

Vintage Turkish handwoven angora mohair Siirt from the 1960s. Siirt are traditional tightly hand loomed textiles that functioned as both blankets and rugs. The textiles are traditionally woven at home.  The angora is undyed, so there is slight variation in color.  The siirt is in great condition, however there are some areas of wear.  Adds a soft layer to any room.  Can be used as a blanket, rug, or sofa covering.  


One of a kind.

Origin: Turkey

Manufacturing:  Hand Woven

Material: Angora

Condition: Good. Wear and inconsistencies are unique to the original item.

Dimensions: 7’ L x 4’ 8” W (84.00"x 56.00")