Beeswax Pillar

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✓ Environmentally Conscious

✓ Made in the USA


Timeless Beeswax Candles created by carbon neutral and 100% renewable candle-manufacture, Sunbeam. Our bee’s wax candles give off a warm glow and pleasant aroma. The Beeswax fragrance varies by what the bee’s have pollinated. Bee’s wax candles have a brighter, cleaner burn than other waxes, and burn longer. 100% pure beeswax and a cotton wick. Burn time is approximately 80-100 hours.


Works with our Willoughby Hurricane.


Origin: New York, United States

Manufacturing: Hand poured

Material: Bee’s Wax

Condition: Excellent. Beautiful colors, long burn time.


Small, 3.00” Dia x 4.00” H, 80H burn time

Large, 3.00” Dia x 6.00” H, 100H burn time

Sold as: Individual