Luca Indigo Table Runner



✓ Handcrafted

✓ One of a kind

✓ One of our favorites

The Luca Indigo Table Runner is made from handwoven hemp with wax resist indigo over dye. The beautiful textile has an intricate floral motif in a repeat pattern throughout. The textile is lightly dyed with natural indigo and has areas with varying shades of blue from light to dark. Hemp a highly absorbent and quick drying fabric. The textile can be used as a runner at the end of a bed. One of kind.


Origin: Hungary

Manufacturing: Handwoven, mended and dyed

Material: Hemp

Color: Indigo, Chambre

Condition: New. Wear and inconsistencies are unique to the original item.

Dimensions: 70.00" L x  24.00" W

Recommended dry clean only.