Hand Carved Folk Squirrel



✓ Handcrafted

✓ Vintage

One of our favorite vintage fines, this wooden antique Squirrel was collected from an estate in France, and dates back to the early 19th century. It is hand carved out of a single piece of wood. Special attention was paid to the squirrels coat of fur, with thin, line work covering the piece. Other details, such as the eyes, ears, and clasped paws are carved primitively. In many cultures, squirrels are associated with good luck and prosperity, and their presence is seen as a sign of good things to come. We suggest styling the squirrel on a side table or shelf. 


Origin: France 

Manufacturing: Hand Made

Material: Wood

Condition: Good. Wear and inconsistencies are unique to the original item.

Dimensions: 14.00"  x 11.50" x 5.00"

Note: The wood has slight cracks in a few places from the drying processes.  See images.