Made by Time

Inspired by Nature


Catherine Costanza and Evan Dublin met while attending Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, Massachusetts. They both went on to study at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. Catherine received a degree in Fine Arts with a focus in painting, and Evan in Industrial Design. After graduating, Catherine went on to build a wellness and lifestyle brand working with boutique retailers and clients world wide. Evan turned his focus to home retail, where he gained experience leading design, creative and photography teams. Evan and Catherine share a kindred passion for creativity, curation and research.


The shop specializes in collecting, and curating fine art, vintage home decor and handcrafted objects. We choose pieces that are rooted in tradition, technique and craft. We question what “perfect” means and we champion work that bears imperfections. We provide goods organic in nature and made from natural materials because of their sustainable qualities. Our designs are inspired by nature and produced using time-honored traditions and handmade techniques.


The studio specializes in creative direction, art direction, industrial design and interior styling. We work with a community of like-minded artists, artisans, designers and photographers to provide services for commercial and residential clients.

The Slow Roads Design Studio offices are located in Rochester, New York. If you are interested in working with Slow Roads, please email