Danica Candlesticks, Tangerine, 5 Pairs

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✓ Handcrafted

✓ Made in the USA

Elegant and artisanal candlesticks available in a range of colors inspired by nature. Danica began dipping candles in 1980, after apprenticing with an uncle at his candle factory in Karlebo, Denmark.  The candles are hand dipped in Maine using the same old world techniques, in a blend of beeswax and premium wax.  They are unscented, and feature a solid color throughout.  10.5 hour burn time.

Works with our Lumiere Candlesticks.


Origin: Maine, United States

Manufacturing: Traditional Scandinavian hand dip technique

Material: Premium Wax & Bee’s Wax

Condition: Excellent. Beautiful colors, long burn time.

Dimensions: 13.00” H x 0.875” Dia

Sold as: Case of 5 Sets of 2