Emma Kohlmann

By Slow Roads
What do you collect? 
I love collecting art books. Its very important to me to have books around me when I make work in my studio. I spend a lot of time looking and reading about artists that I love and admire. Especially when I am feeling uninspired or down on my practice, I use books to remind myself of why I love about creating. I also collect smushed pennies and glass objects from the thrift store. I like having objects that were once made by another human, wether thats a carved grasshopper or a painting of a still life.being able to see the human hand in the creation of something is really exciting and inspiring to me. 
How are you inspired by nature?
I am inspired by the imperfection and simplicity of the natural world. Observing what is around you makes one realize there is a rhythm or pattern to it. Where I live, I feel the seasons so fiercely. I really appreciate that aspect of how I built my life. I think there is relationship that is deeper than just having a fondness for nature, maybe it’s something that is primordial or innate about biology. I love the impermanence of things and using materials that speak to that. Especially when I use a material like watercolor and ink. A material that seems mutable and hard to control at times. It’s something that changes or reimagines a piece based on how much or how little you use.
Where in the world excites you most?
Swimming in the summer where I live in Western Massachusetts.  
How are you inspired by the past?
The past always informs what is happening in the present. I think no one is original, collectively we have always been inspired by the past. I think that is why I love having previously owned objects in my house, or studio. Life has always existed before you, and we are constantly reminded of it daily.
Where can people find your work?
I work with Silke Lindner gallery in New York City and V1 Gallery in Denmark. I also make prints with Art for change and Exhibition A. 
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