Layers Over Time

Text By Kate Sullivan
Photos By Slow Roads


There’s an underlying assumption with the word “collection” that the most creative homes have accumulated over time. The work of a collector is an ongoing emotional journey. When home serves as the backdrop for a collection, that emotion meets function and occupies every room. You can feel when someone loves a piece and carefully invites it into their home. The type of collecting that builds a layered, rich space is rarely a result of planned execution.

A sense of cohesion is achieved because each piece has organically found its way into the heart of the occupant. Displaying and using these collections is an artform. With a home, it is a matter of inspiration and function. Finding the balance between the two is the key.


 A few tips:

Start by ensuring that functional items are easy to reach and have ample room for the constant rotation that comes with daily tasks. Less used pieces can find homes on upper shelves and more tucked away areas. 



Once you have your functional needs accounted for, arrange items by color and tone. A consistent palette will allow you to showcase an eclectic collection without visual overload.



For vignettes that are purely for admiration, use larger art pieces as a backdrop for smaller items to create a sense of depth.



Create groupings with statement pieces. Select items varying in material and form that share an aesthetic likeness to fill unoccupied space.

These are the basics, but know that the process can be quite instinctive. If something does not look right together, walk away for a bit. Continue to rearrange over time until it works. Then do it all over again.