Paper Moon Lantern



✓ Handcrafted


Our Paper Moon Lanterns are carefully handcrafted in Japan's Gifu prefecture using traditional techniques that have been passed down for generations. Made of rice paper and bamboo, these lanterns emit a soft, warm ambient light inspired by the phases of the moon. Choose from three different shapes designed by the renowned Shigeru Uschida in the 1990s.


Origin: Japan

Designer: Shigeru Uschida

Material: Rice paper, Bamboo, Wire Armature, and Steel Base Plate

Color: Natural

Condition: Excellent. Wear and inconsistencies are unique to the original item.


Full Moon - 11.25" H x 12.00" Dia

Gibbous - 6.00" H x 14.00" Dia

Crescent - 9.25" H x 12.50" Dia




Lamp plugs into 120v outlet.

Maximum 25-watts.

Lamps do not include light bulbs.

We recommended use with an E17 bulb.

75" L White cord