Earth Planters, Natural



✓ Handcrafted

✓ Made in the USA

✓ Slow Roads Studio

The Earth Planters adds a natural touch to your home, crafted in Upstate, New York. Utilizing a simple slab technique, each planter is hand built to highlight the seams that join the slabs together. With an unglazed exterior and clear glazed interior, these planters showcase the unique speckling and variation of the local clay, thanks to its high natural grog content. Whether clustered or displayed on a windowsill, these planters effortlessly bring a touch of nature to any home.

We recommend using one of our Plant Stands, Coasters & Mats to protect against scratches on hardwood surfaces.

Origin: New York, US

Manufacturing: Hand Built

Material: Earthenware 

Color: Natural 

Dimensions: 3.50" H x 3.00" Dia