Chain Brass Napkin Rings



✓ Vintage

✓ Handcrafted

New or Vintage

Crafted by Slow Roads Design Studio, the Chain Brass Napkin Rings were originally a vintage design produced in South Korea. We have revived and reproduced this highly sought-after set in two finishes- White Bronze and Brass. Each set includes 4 elegant napkin rings.

Works with our artisan made Mojave Napkins

Origin: New York, US & South Korea

Manufacturing: Cast brass

Material: Brass

Color: Unlacquered Brass

Note: Our new napkin rings are expertly polished for a bright and shiny finish. Over time, the finish will dull with use, giving the rings a vintage look. Rest assured, this natural aging process will only add to the charm and character of the rings. If desired, the rings can be repolished to restore their original luster, or you can choose to let them continue to age gracefully. Vintage napkin rings will arrive aged and tarnished, some napkin rings may be darker than others as these are collected from vintage mixed sets.

Condition: Good. New or Vintage. Wear and inconsistencies are unique to the original item.

Dimensions: 2.00” H x 3.00” Dia, Ring Interior 1.375” Dia

Recommended hand wash only.