Shibori Cloth, Sun Faded Persimmon



✓ Vintage

✓ One of a kind

✓ Handcrafted

Elegant Shibori Cloth in sun faded Persimmon. Shibori cloth is a traditional Japanese dyeing technique, where the cloth is folded and twisted, to create areas of resist before being put in a dye bath. This Shibori cloth is naturally dyed with persimmon, creating a warm golden color. Natural dyes lighten overtime. All edges of this piece are finished. Due to the nature of these traditional textiles, there may be areas with wear, staining, and holes. We feel these imperfections help to tell the history of the piece. Each cloth is one of a kind. We believe this piece is vintage from the 1970s and is a product made as a souvenir of the agricultural cooperative in Nanyo City- Yamagata is in celebration of a agricultural cooperative. One of a kind.


Origin: Japan

Manufacturing: Hand-dyed

Material: Cotton

Color: Hue of of gold and plum

Condition: Great. Vintage.

Dimensions: 61.00" x 33.00" ( 5' x 2' 9") 

Recommended dry clean only.