Sun & Moon Dessert Plates



✓ Handcrafted


Our hand painted Sun & Moon Dessert Plates takes inspiration from artist Jean Cocteau and is reminiscent of the ancient Egyptian art used in Fayoum Pottery. Originating from the village of Tunis, located atop Lake Qarun in the Oasis of Fayoum, Egypt, talented potters create unique pieces adorned with depictions of their surroundings - from plants and animals to landscapes. This plate can be used for meals or displayed as wall art.

Origin:  Egypt

Manufacturing: Hand Thrown & Hand Painted

Material: Ceramic

Condition: Excellent. New. Wear and inconsistencies unique to original item 

Dimensions: 7.50" Dia x 1.25"H 

Dimensions are approximate as these are handmade by artisans.