Umi Boro Quilt



✓ One of a kind

✓ Handcrafted

✓ Vintage

This elegant, high quality Early 20th Century heavy weight boro quilts is one of our favorite finds. The Umi Boro Quilt is a traditional Japanese craft created by up-cycling fabrics over generations. The quilts are created by patching and mending layers of handwoven antique and vintage textile remnants. Layers are dyed with indigo due to their inherent anti-bacterial properties. We think of boro cloth as a conversation, a beautiful work of art created with time. We recommend using the quilt as a blanket, on top of a bed or as a blanket for the sofa. This quilt is heavy in weight and is made of many layers with a fill. One of a kind.


Origin: Japan

Manufacturing: Handwoven, mended and dyed

Material: Cotton, Hemp, Linen

Color: Shades of indigo

Condition: Great. Vintage. Wear and inconsistencies are unique to the original item.

Dimensions: 61.50” L x 70.00” L

Note: Fabrics are dyed with real indigo and might rub off onto other textiles overtime.

Recommended dry clean only.