Ziggy Fiber Art Coasters, Set of 4 (SECONDS)

$72.00 $98.00


✓ Handcrafted

✓ One of a kind

✓ Made in the USA

Mix match Ziggy Coasters. Sets will vary in color, piece to piece. 

These are first quality coasters in mixed colors of warm & cool.


Our Ziggy Fiber Art Coasters make the perfect statement to protect the surfaces on your furniture. The coasters are made by an artisan in California repurposes vintage and antique fabrics. The fabrics are torn into stripes and then twisted into a cord, the cord is coiled into a disc and finished with a hand stitching technique. Colors and fibers will range piece to piece. The Land set is mainly warm lighter tones of pink, rust and ochre. The Water set is mainly cool darker tones of deep lake, indigo and hunter green. Each set is one of a kind. Set of four. 



Origin: California

Manufacturing: Handcrafted

Material: Recycled fabrics

Condition: Excellent

Dimensions: 3.50" Dia x 0.25" H

Recommended hand wash only

Made to order. Please allow 3-4 weeks for production.