Spring Collection - Slow Roads

Spring Collection

Mingei, Mending & Repair
By Kate Sullivan
Our Spring Collection is inspired by nature, embracing wabi sabi sensibilities and grounded in earthy colors, rich textures and natural materials. The collection features vintage craft pieces from Japan, India and Morocco, highlighting the art of repair and mingei, showcasing techniques such as boro, sashiko and indigo dying. Found pieces are juxtaposed with Slow Roads Designs and Collaborations with renowned glass studios and one of a kind artworks by artists and friends.
The Collector - Slow Roads

The Collector

Layers Over Time
By Kate Sullivan
There’s an underlying assumption with the word “collection” that the most creative homes have accumulated over time. The work of a collector is an ongoing emotional journey. When home serves as the backdrop for a collection, that emotion meets function and occupies every room. You can feel when someone loves a piece and carefully invites it into their home. The type of collecting that builds a layered, rich space is rarely a result of planned execution.