In Conversation With

Emma Kohlmann
By Slow Roads

"I am inspired by the imperfection and simplicity of the natural world. Observing what is around you makes one realize there is a rhythm or pattern to it. Where I live, I feel the seasons so fiercely. I really appreciate that aspect of how I built my life." - Emma Kohlmann

In Conversation With - Slow Roads

In Conversation With

Nicole Hummel
By Slow Roads

"I feel deeply connected to the elements. I shape the earth using water, and use fire to finish the pieces. There is something deeply grounding, anchoring, and centering about working with these elements" - Nicole Hummel

Round Top, Texas - Slow Roads

Round Top, Texas

Heritage Campaign
Partnership with Oliver Peoples
Time-honored designs at Round Top, Texas imagined by Slow Roads featuring Oliver Peoples heritage styles. The origins of Oliver Peoples can be traced back to a truck of antique glasses discovered at an estate sale in the 1980s. Slow Roads pay homage to the brand’s history by showcasing the earliest vintage-inspired styles at one of the most prolific antique fairs.